Montreal, poetic urban spaces


I owe my love affaire with architecture and urban spaces to Montreal. Back in 2002 I lived for some months in the Canadian city, then the decision to study architecture in Mexico City. At that time my perception of urban spaces was limited to a bohemian life of a 18-year old guy discovering a new place. The atmospheres of the streets had an impact that until then I had reserved only to poetry.

The configuration of the island of Montreal, a spot where you live harsh summers and winters, was a revelation fifteen years ago. Fortunately I have recently discovered a way to articulate my fondness to this city through the photographs of David Jaime Ruiz, a good friend of mine, a Mexican architect and visual artist residing in Canada. His work has helped me to bring back memories of the solid architecture in Montreal’s public infrastructures, the robustness of its metro stations (internal and external), its waterfronts, the French and English influences, the green and open spaces, its large and luminous museums, its broad and muddy streets in January. A colourful yet sober city that changed my life.

What follows is a series of photographs of Montreal shot by David Jaime. He is a partner of CGMaison, ( a Montréal based studio specialized in architectural visualization, virtual fly-through, and product image. Enjoy!



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